セリフ:Yasuo, the Unforgiven



  • "A sword's poor company for a long road."
  • "My honor left a long time ago."
  • "No-one is promised tomorrow."
  • "Follow the wind, but watch your back."
  • "This blade never gets any lighter."
  • "Virtue is no more than a luxury."
  • "The road to ruin is shorter than you think."
  • "Sleep is for the guiltless."
  • "Justice. That's a pretty word."
  • "Hmph. One step ahead of the past."
  • "A wanderer isn't always lost."
  • "Just looking for a road home."
  • "Never could stay in one place."
  • "I will follow this path until the end."
  • "Honor is in the heart, not the name."
  • "I will not forget who I am."
  • "This story is not yet finished."
  • "Is a leaf's only purpose to fall?"
  • "Hmph... dying's the easy part."


  • "People keep running into my blade."
  • "I'll give you the easy way out."
  • "No cure for fools."
  • "Kill me? You can try."
    「某を殺す? やってみろ」
  • "It's just death. Nothing serious."
  • "Make it quick."
  • "Don't start what I'll finish."
  • "At peace with yourself? You will be."
    「落ち着かないか? じき落ち着く」
  • "Some things never dull."
  • "Some mistakes you can't make twice."
  • "I will not die dishonored."
  • "No more running."
  • "I alone decide my fate."
  • "One blade, one purpose."
  • "It is not yet time to die."


  • "The blade above all things... except a good drink."
  • "Who says I can't handle my drink?"
  • "There are three certainties in life: honor, death, and hangovers."


  • "There is only death... mine, or yours!"
  • "If you've come to kill me... I hope your brought friends."
  • "Killing people is a bad habit... but I can't seem to quit."

Taunting an enemy  Master Yi

  • "Wuju? Never heard of it."
    「Wuju? 聞いたことがないな」
  • "Wuju? No, I wouldn't."
    「Wuju? いや、結構」(Wujuとwould youをかけたシャレ)
  • "Nice... sword... boots?"

Taunting an enemy ninja

  • "Scurry back to your shadows, ninja."
  • "Ninjas... I hate those guys."
  • "Cute mask. Your, uh, mom sew that?"

Taunting an enemy  Riven

  • "Which weighs more, Riven? Your blade, or your past?"
    「そんなに何を背負っている、Riven? 貴様の剣か、それとも過去か?」
  • "Everyone faces a reckoning, Riven."
  • "You can't run from yourself, Riven... I've tried."
  • "Broken sword. Broken spirit."


  • Yasuoが笑う(4パターン)。

Upon using Wind Wall

  • Yasuoが叫ぶ(4パターン)。

Upon using Sweeping Blade

  • Yasuoが叫ぶ(2パターン)。
  • "Face the wind!"

Upon using Last Breath

  • Yasuoが叫ぶ(3パターン)。

Interaction with  Riven

  • "Huh, three swift strikes..."
  • "Wait, that technique... huh."

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