ストーリーと台詞:Zac, the Secret Weapon

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Zac is the product of a Zaun experiment to manufacture a hexchem-engineered supersoldier – the Zaun Amorphous Combatant. Combining brute strength with limitless flexibility, he is a versatile juggernaut: a creative fighter who bounces over obstacles and pounds his foes into submission. Though he was created inside a weapons laboratory, Zac was rescued and adopted by two loving parents who raised him to be a kind and friendly child. As the years passed, he grew up to be a fierce hero, sworn to protect the ordinary, everyday people of Zaun.
Zacはhexchem技術で超兵士─Zaun Amorphous Combatant(Zaunの不定形戦闘員)─を作るZaunの実験成果である。恐るべき柔軟な身体と強力な力を結合した結果、彼はまさしく万能の重戦車と呼ぶべき存在になった。障害物を飛び越え、敵の前に躍り出て敵を屈伏させる独創的な戦士だ。彼は兵器研究所で作られた存在だが、幼生の時からずっと彼を育ててきた両親と呼ぶべき愛する家族である2人の人物の手で、研究所から助け出された。それから時間は経ち、彼は荒々しい英雄へと成長し、Zaunの日常を守ることを誓い、日夜Zaunの民を守り続けている。

Long ago, two Zaun scientists developed an organic substance that could withstand extreme conditions, spontaneously alter its biological structure, and generate tremendous amounts of kinetic force. As the scientists, husband and wife, watched the prototype grow from a spoon-sized droplet to a small blob, they noticed that their creation would respond to their presence. It sprung forward when they called and bounced when they sang. The couple began to see more than an experiment; they saw a small child, filled with affection and joy.

After testing the prototype one evening, the scientists placed the blob back in its cage. It slouched and shuddered in the corner, inconsolably sad. At that moment, the couple realized that their beloved creation wished for a free life outside the lab. They were struck by their conscience and could not allow the prototype to be used as a weapon. The husband and wife fled with the young blob, replacing its weapon designation – Zaun Amorphous Combatant – with a proper name: Zac. In a quiet neighborhood far from the cities of Zaun, the scientists raised Zac as their own child.
ある日の夕暮れ、試作品のテストの後に、2人はそれを檻の中に戻した。それは檻の中をうろつき、檻の角でひどく悲しい様子で激しく震えだした。2人はその時、この愛すべき創造物は研究所を出て暮らしたいのだということを理解した。2人は良心を打たれ、試作品を兵器として使わせはしないと決心を固めた。夫妻は幼い塊を連れて逃げ出し、兵器としての識別名称─Zaun Amorphous Combatant─からZacという名前をつけた。Zaun都市部から遠く離れた静かな自宅で、2人はこの子供を育てたのだった。

Zac was always different from the other children. None had his powers of strength and flexibility, so the couple taught him to tell right from wrong and to use his gifts responsibly. Thanks to the care and affection of his loving parents, Zac lived a peaceful, happy childhood.

That childhood ended when the Zaun laboratory finally found Zac. Unable to replicate the formula used to create the amorphous prototype, the laboratory’s staff never stopped searching for the scientists and their experiment. When they tracked down the family, they threatened to tear it apart. The staff abducted Zac’s parents and demanded that the couple assist in his capture and return. Seized by the fear of losing his freedom and his parents, Zac unleashed every ounce of his raw energy and mass for the very first time. He subdued his parents’ captors, sent the laboratory’s workers fleeing, and brought his loved ones home. From then on, Zac vowed to defend all ordinary lives threatened by extraordinary treachery and wickedness. Originally built to destroy, he now protects the innocent and the helpless.

“Even if you don’t have a spine, you still have to stand up for yourself.” -- Zac
骨も棘もなくとも、自分自身を守るためには立ち上がらないと」── Zac

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